What a Transformation

 My name is Joe. I am the last boy in a family of six. I attended Banjolat Friendship Academy, Ipetu- Ijesa, Ogun State then I came to Jos to finish my secondary education at the Royal Ambassadors College, Jos. While in secondary school, I kept bad friends—we would drink and go to parties. As a teen, I loved girls which I thought was normal but I never had sex with any of them because I was scared.

In 2008, I came to Mashiah Foundation because my parents saw a friend that I sometimes relate with in the neighborhood. He is very different from the other friends I had and they (my parents) saw that he was good for me to mingle with. I found out that he works at the youth department of Mashiah Foundation. He introduced me to the training centre. My life changed through the discipleship teachings I’ve been getting. I stopped drinking, chasing after girls and was able to start seeing them as I saw my sisters. I also stopped partying. Coming to Mashiah Foundation has really increased my focus in life, made me know God the more.

I am still a student and I am trusting God for admission to further my education in any of the universities or polytechnics around. I am ever grateful for being part of the family.

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  1. As i read joe story and others my heart is fill with joy because it reminds me of myself
    and how God transform my life through the youth ministry.am so happy heaar that the almighty God is still trasforming the younth througt the youyh ministry.
    and i wil ever be grateful to God,mashiah foundation,the director mr joseph,Bro Elijah and somany other.love you guys

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