God Changed My Life

 My name is Chollom Choji. Before I came to Mashiah Foundation Leadership and Computer Institute, I was into partying and taking alcohol at these parties I attended. I loved girls and enjoying having girlfriends around me. I can miss church just to go partying or clubbing.

Now, whenever I hear my friends telling me to go to a party with them or telling me about the parties they have attended, something in my mind keeps telling me to be strong even though I miss going to parties. The thing which I strongly believe is the quiet voice of God telling me to stop and check my life and change my behaviours for good. The teaching I have received and am still receiving from the Institute reminds me daily of the need to change my life. Anytime my friends come to ask me to go with them, I ask them to go away. I now go to church, not only on Sundays, but I try to go daily.

I believe and am trusting God to complete that which He has started in my life.

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