A Young Man’s Testimony

 I’m 21 years old. I used to find it difficult to forgive. When I had a quarrel with my dad, I thought I could not forgive my dad. I have learned to forgive my dad, and I’ve also learned to love due to the teaching I’ve received during the discipleship class.

I also fought with myself on the spirit of pride which under God I’ve been able to stop and now see the good in others. Due to my pride, I wasn’t able to see the need to say sorry and I held a grudge against someone in my house for over a year.

I’m grateful to the Youth Ministry for being part of the positive change in my life. Now I can say sorry when I wrong someone without feeling or holding any grudge against that person. I’m also grateful for the patience of the instructors in the computer laboratory. Because of them, I can now operate the computer.

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