Foundations Academy

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March 20, 2012

Foundations Academy began in 2005 as a small home-school to try to bring orphans up-to-speed and then integrate them into local schools. However, during the summer of 2010, we tested many of our students (orphans) who had been in local schools, and discovered that they lacked the basics for success... Read more »

Orphan Party

orphan party

January 15, 2012

Every December we host a party for all the orphans and partial orphans we work with. They love to come for the entertainment, fun, food, and gifts. For many of them, this is the only Christmas they will have. We had collected a lot of used clothing throughout the year and all of the children were able... Read more »


September 26, 2009

Stephen is an orphan who lost both of his parents to HIV/AIDS and was abandoned by relatives. He is one of the children being taken care of by Mashiah Foundation and during his holiday he prefers to spend most of his time meaningfully by doing some art work rather than playing around like other kids... Read more »


September 19, 2009

Rejoice is one of the success stories of Mashiah Foundation. When she came to the ministry in the company of her mother, she was very shy and could neither speak nor understand English. With the love and support she got from Mashiah Foundation, she has every reason to smile and she can now read and... Read more »

Educational Excursion

September 11, 2009

The OVC (Orphans & Vulnerable Children) Department embarked on an educational visit to some corporate organizations such as: National Veterinary Research Institute Vom Nigerian Film Corporation Headquarters Jos Plateau Radio Television Corporation Jos  The participants were drawn from the older... Read more »

Extra Lessons

August 26, 2009

Mashiah Foundation (MF)  is currently working with more than 350 orphans.  MF pays school fees for many of these orphans. The children are on summer holiday right now (August to mid-September). Many of them go back to their schools for “extra lessons” during this time.  Fanny, a volunteer from... Read more »