The clinic has tested over 22,000 people from within and outside Plateau State since Mashiah’s creation.
The Medical Clinic was the first department created in Mashiah. It provides consultation services, counseling, nursing care, lab tests and medicine.

The Clinic coverage is accessible to a broad geographic sector within Jos:

  • Tudun Wada Community
  • Kabong community
  • Hwolshe community
  • Jenta Adamu Community
  • Rukuba Road
  • Dadin Kowa
  • Zaria Road
  • Low Cost Housing Estate

In 2009, the Clinic had 890 registered patients with HIV/AIDS; however, the numbers are constantly increasing. In 2010, there were 1,068 adult HIV/AIDS patients. The 450 orphans supported by Mashiah are also eligible for free medical services.

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