What we do

Mashiah Foundation believes that investing in youth and women will lead to positive responses to HIV/AIDS and implementing programmes that are multi-sectoral, inter-disciplinary and human rights-based.

Mashiah Foundation operates a clinic with free HIV treatment, including counselling, nursing care, and consultation services. The clinic also runs a food support program for patients in great need.
Mashiah Foundation desires to improve the quality of lives of children. Currently the organization is supporting 450 orphans through their OVC programs, providing them – within different support levels – with food, shelter, school fees, health care and counselling.
Furthermore, Mashiah operates a Sewing Training Program with over 100 HIV positive women in order to help them sustain themselves and their families, while empowering them with confidence and financial sustenance.
Finally, the organization currently runs a youth ministry with computer training programs, discipleship and leadership programmes, and HIV awareness.
Mashiah also has developed Career Exclusive Magazine (CEM) – an unemployment advocacy magazine – in order to provide Nigerian youths with skills and opportunities for job/career development.
In Mashiah, we take a stand for human rights, gender equality and community development to liberate and transform the disadvantaged persons, and communities from all forces of under-development within and outside of Nigeria. As a faith-based organization, we are committed to the poor, committed to the whole person, committed to justice and committed to changing people’s lives.

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