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Our History Mashiah Foundation (Hebrew for Messiah) is a Christian, non-governmental organization that reaches out to people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. The ministry was originally called “Care Group” and began in 1999 when Mary Beth and Bayo Oyebade saw the needs brought on by the devastation of AIDS in Nigeria. They started out in a very limited way – funding the program from Mary Beth’s teaching salary; this included various materials, salaries and rent. As word of the ministry spread, donations began to come in enabling them to expand in many areas. Mary Beth and Bayo’s early work in street ministry to prostitutes made them aware of the rampant spread of AIDS and its effects on families. They printed posters showing a Christian perspective on the dangers of AIDS. Eventually, as they were helping people get tested, they saw the need for counseling the afflicted; they opened a clinic starting with just a few employees. This clinic provided the services of counselors, a medical doctor, a laboratory technologist, leaders for high school abstinence programs, as well as a receptionist and other office helpers. Mashiah started as a vision – a dream of two people to make a difference for those most vulnerable. However, through this last decade, Mashiah has created a platform for HIV awareness: the means to assist HIV patients, a space for orphan development, and several holistic programs to empower people in need, such as the women with HIV and the emerging Nigerian youth. The ministry of Mashiah Foundation has expanded over the years by responding to needs as they become apparent.

Goal: To have PLWHA (People Living With HIV/AIDS), orphans, youths and disadvantaged persons holistically empowered to live fulfilled lives as God originally intended.

Vision: To see a world where people infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS are holistically developed at sustainable levels as God originally intended for mankind.

Our Mission: To promote holistic development by helping, liberating and building the capacity of people living with HIV/AIDS, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, widows, youths and other disadvantaged people and communities to be wholly developed spiritually, economically and at sustainable levels based on Mathew 25: 34-46.

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